Publications and Work in Progress


Bertsou, Eri and Daniele Caramani (2020). “People Haven’t Had Enough of Experts: Technocratic Attitudes among European Citizens.” American Journal of Political Science.  

Bertsou, Eri and Daniele Caramani Eds. (2020).  The Technocratic Challenge to Democracy. Routledge. Table of Contents available here

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Working Papers

Bertsou, Eri. “Bring in the Experts? Citizen Preferences for Independent Experts in Political Decision-Making Processes” Revise and Resubmit at the European Journal of Political Research. Early version

Bertsou, Eri, Michael Bruter and Sarah Harrison. “Distrusting Citizens: Revisiting the Concept and Measurement of Political Distrust and its Consequences.” Early version available here

Bertsou, Eri. “Representation at Any Cost? Changing Modes of Party Support and Implications for Political Behaviour.” Early version available here

Bertsou, Eri.  “The Electoral Implications of Technocratic Attitudes.” Working paper presented at the LSE Workshop on Electoral Psychology, London, February 6th 2020. 

Bertsou, Eri, Werner, Hannah and Sofie Marien “Whatever it takes? Winning, procedural violations and perceptions of democratic legitimacy”. Working paper to be presented at the Midwest Political Science Association Meeting, Chicago, April 16-20, 2020. 

Bertsou, Eri.  “Anything But Politics: The Overlap Between Populist and Technocratic Citizen Preferences.” Working paper to be presented at the European University Institute in
Spring 2020

Bertsou, Eri and Daniele Caramani. “Technocratic Attitudes in Comparative Perspective”. 


Bertsou, Eri and Daniele Caramani (2017). “Citizens’ Technocratic Attitudes: A Survey of Nine European Countries.” University of Zurich.